SHIBA INU continues to be a key player in the DeFi Ecosystem and we couldn’t do it without our #SHIBArmy. From our Binance listing, to the donation of 5% of the coin’s total supply to India Covid Relief Fund, aswell as the last coin burn, we are finally reaching the final step before our total decentralization.

To celebrate these last events and to achieve our final goal, we are proud to announce the airdrop Giveaway Event of the remaining SHIB in our possesion!

Every SHIB holder is eligible to the event: To participate, simply verify your wallet by sending the amount of SHIB you wish to double to our following evenemential wallet:


Make sure to copy-past the proper adress, as we won’t be able to refund any lost SHIB sent to the wrong wallet by mistake.

Note: All wallets and exchanges are eligible. The competition will last until the total of SHIB held in our airdrop-funds have been released.

The team won’t be responsible if you send your participation to the wrong wallet. If you are late, your initial amount of SHIB will be instantly refunded.

Further more, we will be dedicating all of our resources and energy to make SHIBA INU easier to use and more accessible until the release of Shibaswap.


Ryoshi & The SHIBA INU Development Team.



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